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It seems like summer left in a hurry and skipped right over fall, the mornings have been so cold and it is definitely time to start pulling out the warm and cozy jackets. I’ve received a lot of requests from you girls for Amazon jacket finds and as always the options are endless! I’m rounding up my favorites that I loved and think you will love too!

Quilted Puffer Jacket

This jacket comes in 3 colors in this style, but the listing also has some options that include fur hoods and are equally cute! I love that this is a pretty purple color to add some flair but the black and blue color would be perfect staples for so many outfits!

Packable Parka

This jacket comes in 7 colors and also comes in a shorter version which is equally cute! I love that this is a slim fit and not overly bulky, but it is also a lighter weight so it won’t keep you warm in extremely cold climates. If you are travelling this would be great to throw in your suitcase because it folds up to a really small bundle which I thought was so neat!

Pink Wool lined Cargo

This pink jacket is probably my favorite of the whole haul and it totally took me by surprise. I initially ordered this color just to show some variety but I think it is such an unexpected pretty jacket and will probably be my go to during the cold months. I thought this one had a hood when I ordered it but it actually just has a big furry collar. There are hooded options in the same listing if you’re looking for a jacket with a hood specifically.

Hooded Down Puffer

This jacket is by far the warmest of all the jackets I ordered. If you are looking to stay warm I would definitely recommend it. The material is very soft and it has an adorable fur trimmed hood with the fur being removable!

Padded Parka

This jacket is AMAZING quality!! It comes in 4 colors, will definitely keep you warm and looks so good on! The hood is removable and you can also take off the fur that is on the hood 🙂

Fleece Lined Sherpa

This sherpa is amazing because it is lined with fleece which makes it nice and warm even while being slim fit. It comes in 6 colors and I grabbed it in the x small.

Puffer Vest

I wanted to add this puffer vest in just for fun because it can also be considered outerwear when it’s not extremely cold out. This vest is a medium weight which means it will actually provide some warmth, but it’s not overly bulky which I love. It comes in 7 colors and I grabbed the x small.

I really hope you enjoyed these amazon finds, please let me know what you think as I find all your feedback invaluable to what I do!! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss a post 🙂



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