Kicking off the gift guide season with babies and toddlers!

Well, I know we haven’t technically had Halloween yet, but it is unofficially holiday shopping season! I’m going to be releasing gift guides in phases and figured I would start us off with the little ones!! The easiest most convenient place everyone loves to shop at is Amazon, so let’s dive in!

The first 3 items are things my youngest Brynn is going to get for Christmas, she’ll be 1 1/2 in December and I think she will get the biggest kick out of this little rockin dog that looks like the equivalent of a bull ride for an adult haha! I’m also picking up the little Ice cream stand because I think my 4 year old will enjoy playing this with her and has little pieces that will help with dexterity. The last is the little drumset, because what little one doesn’t love to bang on things and make noise?!

Next up are some things that we have and my little ones love! The play table is awesome if you have a little one that is learning to pull themselves up and stand. It gives them a reason to practice standing up because it keeps them entertained with all the little gadgets. I also love this little push cart for your babies who are sitting and standing as they can play in front of it or learn to walk with it. And lastly this little push wagon so that you can go for a walk while they are strapped in happily driving 🙂

Here are some great interactive toys for your little ones, they all make some sort of fun noises or stimulate your littles and get them thinking.

And of here are a couple of fun toys for your little ones to climb on and have some fun with!

I hope you find this list helpful and easy since everything is available on amazon! I plan on getting more gift guides together for you asap so that you can start your shopping whenever you are ready!



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