My Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

Anti-Aging. If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve thought about your skin and how you can maintain it’s youthfulness. When it comes to fashion I am ALL about finding a good deal and all things affordable. However, when it comes to my skin, I’m an ALL IN kinda gal. Clothes can be replaced, but our skin is ours to keep forever! With that in mind, don’t be overwhelmed and think you need to buy all of this at once. If you are new to skin care I would suggest starting with a cleanser, retinol and sunblock. You can then begin to add in other products based on the issues you would like to correct. Not only is this less shocking on your wallet, it will make it easier to pinpoint products you don’t love!


PM only

This cleanser has been great because it cleans without feeling harsh and contains soothing ingredients that don’t leave your skin feeling tight. I only cleanse at night and in the morning I just rinse my face in the shower with water.

Cleansing Tool

PM tool

This cleansing tool goes hand in hand with washing our face. After washing my face once with my cleanser I then apply a small amount to this tool and massage all over my face. This provides a second cleanse that breaks down the dirt in your pores with its sonic pulsations. It’s made with silicone so you can easily keep it free of bacteria.

1. Exfoliating Pads


The very first think I do is wipe my face with one of these exfoliating pads that gently removes dead skin cells. Gentle enough to use morning and night with no dry, tight skin!

2. Holy Grail Growth Factor


Have you heard the hype about growth factors? While this is an investment, the visible results speak for themselves. This improves fine lines, wrinkles, lose skin, tone, texture and more!

3. Vitamin/Mineral blemish formula


This is great for aging skin that get’s the occasional blemish. I use this to try to keep my pores from getting bigger than they already are. This is under $6!

4. Vitamin C Serum

AM only

Think of vitamin C as your skin’s battle armor against free radicals (pollution, environment). This helps with fine lines, firmness and brightens your skin tone.

5. Eye Cream


The delicate skin around our eyes is one of the first areas to show the signs of aging. This hydrates and improves the fine lines and discoloration in the undereye area.

6. Neck Cream


The name of this says it all! The neck, like the eyes is another area that shows our age and is often neglected. I saw visible results within 2 weeks of using this!

7. Moisturizer


You may be thinking after all these products, why do I need a moisturizer? The products listed before are corrective and preventative, however your skin still needs to maintain moisture to be healthy and supple. This is not greasy or heavy.

8. Retinol

PM only

Cell turnover. Did you know as we age our cell turnover process slows down? This is what causes our skin to age! This product should be used with caution. A pea size amount and start with one night a week, then a few nights a week. If you get too flaky or irritated cut back, but the good news is that dryness is your skin turning over!! Also if you can’t commit to wearing sunblock, don’t even start using this product. This will cause photosensitivity and you can actually cause your skin to age faster if you’re not wearing sunblock!

8. Sunblock


The grand finale! Surely, after all that you would like to protect your skin right? The sun is the fastest contributor to aging skin, causing discoloration, lines, wrinkles and the loss of collagen. Protect your skin with sunblock daily! Wintertime? Sunblock! Work in an office? Great, still sunblock! Protect your investment 🙂

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