Allow me to introduce myself

I married my best friend in August of 2004. We enjoyed many years together before deciding to start a family, and when we finally decided to try to have a baby we realized it wasn’t going to be quite so simple. After the first few months we conceived but it quickly ended with a life threatening ectopic that almost killed me. Flash forward to about a year later, still not pregnant and the beginning of our infertility treatment journey. We did months and months of clomid and menopur and bumped along the rocky road of side effects that would cause us to have to take month long breaks in between the medication to allow the medicine induced cysts to recede before trying it all over again. Interestingly, it was on one of those month long breaks that I conceived our first daughter Aly!

With the birth of Aly we were overjoyed and our family was complete. Well, we thought it was anyway. Throughout the years we always knew we only wanted to have 1 baby, but life is funny and watching Aly grow up during her first year gave us the urge to give her a sibling to love. Bryan and I were both only children (I later gained step-siblings) and knew the loneliness of not having a big family. So when Aly turned 1 we once again started trying to get pregnant, and once again it did not come easy. This time during my tests to get started with the fertility clinic they found that my thyroid was underactive and that it could be affecting my ability to get pregnant. Well, they were right because with in a few weeks of being on the medication I was PREGNANT!

The birth of our second daughter Brynn completed our family and I could not imagine never having met this sweet girl! That is our story in a nutshell. Family life is fun, chaotic and everything I never knew it could be!

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