Nordstrom Anniversary Sale & Looks for Less!

First things first! The Nordstrom anniversary sale is a highly anticipated event each and every year. It can be quite overwhelming, and very easy to get sucked into the hype. Do not overspend. I would recommend buying a few staple items that will last you for years to come. There are so many similar looks for less, or as you all know “dupes” and you will see that in this post!

Worth the Splurge

Before we get into the looks for less, aka “dupes” we should take a moment to acknowledge the items that are worth spending your hard earned money on. These are the timeless pieces that you can wear for years and feel zero guilt about buying.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

On sale for $64.90 Normally $98

The spanx faux leather leggings are on trend year after year. Because of that, each and every year you see countless bloggers searching for the perfect dupe for them. If these do not sell out I will finally be taking the plunge and will have zero regrets! If you’re set on getting the dupes for these I’m going to link them here as long as you are aware, the quality is not going to be the same 🙂

Vince Camuto Bootie

On sale for $99.90 Normally $149.95

Many of you may be thinking, “wait there are and will be so many dupes for this!” And you’re right, but there is something about a name brand shoe that you just can’t duplicate. If you are looking for a quality shoe that can get you through every season, this is it. Style it with shorts, skirts, jeans and leggings. When you wear it that much, you will appreciate the comfort and the dollars spent for that comfort!

The Looks for Less AKA “Dupes”

Now for the part you’re probably here for, THE DUPES! Here are the items you can snag with a little less guilt, a whole lot of savings, above all, some peace of mind!

Adidas Swift Run Sneaker

Dupe $16.98 | Adidas on sale $49.90 Regularly $85

These dupes have been around for quite some time, therefore they’re always in and out of stock. If you plan on getting these to run, definitely spend the money for the splurge. If you plan on wearing these for walking, or just generally dressing up your sporty looks, snag the dupe!

Steve Madden Loafer

Dupe $14.97 | Steve Madden On Sale $39.90 Normally $89.95

Obviously Steve Madden makes a good shoe, however the dupe of this has memory foam making it surprisingly comfortable. The only thing I would note about these is they are a little more stiff, and take some time to break in.

Steve Madden snakeskin booties

Look for Less $47.69 | Steve Madden on sale $89.90 Normally $134.95

These boots are actually both Steve Madden, so in my opinion you’re getting a great boot either way, however if you would like the look for less, then snag the cheaper version!

Barefoot Dreams cardigan

Here is a great way to get achieve a look while spending less. Although there is no comparison to the softness of barefoot dreams, you can absolutely pull a look together without spending the huge price tag! This comes in multiple colors in the original and the dupe options.

Free people sweater

This is a great option for fall especially for an item that may end up being a one season trend piece.

Free People waffle knit henley

I’m a sucker for a good henley in the fall, however $16.99 is a LOT easier to justify than $44.90! To get the oversized fit like the Free People version, be sure to order up a size.

Clare V leopard Tote

Look for Less $35.97 | Clare V tote on sale $299.90 regularly $540

This is an awesome dupe for significant savings, although, the Clare V does come with a black and white strap. I did, however, find a totally affordable version you can buy on amazon here!

Honorable mentions

While I enjoy finding affordable dupes, I do want to highlight a few splurges that are worth considering if you really want to shop more of the Nordstrom Sale.

Steve Madden Mule

These are such a classy looking mule. Yes, there are dupes for this, however none of them look quite so good in my opinion. Definitely splurge worthy if you are in the market!

Free People ripped jeans

These free people jeans are timeless! If you are looking for one pair of jeans to invest in from the sale, then I would recommend these. In addition, consider the blue jean version!

Velvet Trimmed panama hat

There are a ton of good hat options available on amazon, however almost every one that I have gotten has had a much smaller brim. This sale makes the hat cheap enough to invest for the whole season!

Cable Sleeve Cardigan

Here is another example of an item that definitely has a dupe somewhere, however if you are looking for a SOFT, quality cardigan that will last you multiple seasons, this is a great option.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like to see video try ons daily be sure to head over to my instagram and follow along here.

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