Entryway Refresh with Amazon

One of my motivating factors with this refresh, is that I find it so frustrating when I find inspiration from a photo and find out that the item I want is no longer sold. Most retailers are constantly changing what they carry with the seasons, so if you don’t buy something quickly chances are you will never be able to find that exact item again. With amazon things seem to stick around a lot longer, so I wanted to shop there, with hopes that this post can live a long time for you all! My entry table isn’t linked because I bought it at a model home sale (frustrating right?!?) and the same with the glass jar I put the flowers in. Everything else is the exact link 🙂

Let’s start with this GORGEOUS mirror! I snagged it in the very big 37 inch size and in black but it does come in other colors and sizes. I knew I wanted a big focal point and something to help reflect light and make the hallway brighter. This is such an affordable find and came in 2 days on prime!

Next up is this gorgeous set of trays. I used the middle sized tray on my table and will be placing the other 2 in other spaces. I love the mix of rope and metal and the fact that you get 3 items at a great price!

These rustic industrial farmhouse cages are great accent pieces and can be used in many ways. You could put in some faux succulents, moss balls, flowers etc. I decided to put these cute candles that can be turned on and off with a remote!

Next I knew I wanted some sort of flowers. There are so many options on amazon and you can go with your preference. I love peonies, so I grabbed some colors that were a little more muted for fall. I snagged 2 different colors and blended them together. I also got some moss rocks to use as filler and to cover the stems.

Amazon also has some amazing coffee table books, so I grabbed a cute one about Peonies to keep with the theme and also picked up this intricate box to be able to toss our keys into when we get home.

This fiddle fig was also an amazon find, and I like that it is small and not over powering for the space, I also snagged the basket to finish of the look and there are a ton of options to match any type of decor!

Let me know what other types of home decor you are searching for or any amazing finds that you’ve gotten on amazon!!