How “misslacyjean” came to be…

While off work awaiting going into labor with my second daughter I found myself desperately wanting to create a new wardrobe for my up and coming non pregnant body. With nothing but time on my hands I became immersed in the, new to me, social world of the “virtual try-on.”

This was an amazing find for me because I have never been the type to easily put an outfit together. While shopping in stores I would always look at the mannequin and while looking for shoes I would always find myself grabbing a pair of shoes after seeing someone else try them on and realizing how cute they looked on them. These “virtual try-ons” were PERFECT for someone like me because I could see not only how the clothing looked ON someone, but also the different ways they would pair items together that I would never think to try.

By the time my youngest was born I had a whole new wardrobe to wear that was completely purchased from the comfort of my couch, and was far more stylish than anything else I had ever shopped for on my own. Not to mention that these people I was following almost ALWAYS had the inside scoop on budget friendly items, or the best sales!! SCORE!

A few months after having my daughter Brynn, I experienced the worst post-partum anxiety and depression. It took me a month to be able to function and months to feel somewhat normal. Starting this blog, and my own virtual try-ons was something fun that I decided to do for me (and you) to give me an outlet, and something that was for ME.

I hope that you enjoy following along and please reach out if you find my content valuable to you! <3




4 thoughts on “How “misslacyjean” came to be…”

  1. Hi Lacy!! I have been following your Instagram page and love it! I have bought several outfits that you’ve showed and have gotten so many compliments!! I’ve been so bummed because I don’t see your page anymore!! Please let me know if it’s changed! Thanks!!

    1. Hi Shannon! Thanks for reaching out. I am so bummed something happened and instagram shut down my account saying I was impersonating myself (so weird) I have been trying to appeal it and get my account back just haven’t had any luck yet. Hoping I won’t need to make a new account

  2. I had been wondering what happened to you. You’ve become part of my daily routine. Not being able to pull you up on Instagram but still seeing you posting pics on LTK , I was confused. I know this has to be frustrating for you. Not even Instagram can keep a good lady down. Good things are coming your way. Best of Luck to You. Look forward to seeing your stories again real soon.

    Susan ☺️

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